About Me

I have an undergraduate degree in social psychology and a master’s degree in professional counseling. My journey from college to graduate school took me along several avenues:  In addition to a 10-year veterinary background, I spent 12 years training dogs using positive reinforcement methods, which integrated the theories I learned in both my undergraduate and master’s programs.

I worked in the nonprofit sector for several years, providing counseling to a wide array of low-income individuals, families, and couples with differing degrees of psychological issues.  My passion for people and belief in the healing power of compassionate human interaction allow me to build a strong rapport with my clients in order to provide proper guidance and support through the therapeutic journey.

I have spent a great deal of time doing volunteer work in crisis situations, including hurricanes Ike and Katrina, which helped solidify my dedication to helping those in need.

I have a special interest in transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities and the unique issues they face. I also have extensive knowledge and experience in the realms of polyamory, sexual trauma and abuse, feminine empowerment, anxiety and depression. I continue to research these topics in order to stay current on issues that can affect the therapeutic process.